About me


I first started in healing and working as a therapist in 1995 in Germany.

It all began with REIKI. It was a difficult time for me and I received REIKI. That helped me to recover and this changed my life from that day forward and I knew this was my destiny.

Even as a youngster, I was always drawn towards helping, caring for and comforting people. My siblings told me that I had "the right touch" and that I always found the exact spot to massage and also they felt so good after I had massaged them.

I approach my massage work in a deeply spiritual way and include different massage techniques to better fit the needs of my clients. When a client has a treatment with me, he or she is the most important person for me and I give my best to help them so that they feel better after it.

Sometimes I combine parts of different massage techniques to achieve the best result for my client’s needs.

I'm not only treating the body but for me it's always the whole person that needs to be treated. The human being is a complete system and when this system is out of balance, it can become unwell and ill. I work to bring the balance back, so that the energy can flow and when the harmony and the "feel good factor" returns and pain, stiffness and other symptoms can disappear.

After many years of studying and practicing as a massage therapist, I can say that I am able to connect quickly with my clients and find the right treatment they need.