Carola Aust MICHT, MLLAUK-1

172.jpgMassage in pregnancy is a very nice relaxing experience.  

Pregnancy can put strain on the body and massage can help to relieve aches, pains and another common health problems experienced during pregnancy.

Towards the end of the pregnancy many woman find that there are many things to do preparing for the arrival of the baby. It is most important that women try to relax and to enjoy the last weeks of their pregnancy. Massage provides a special time for the mother to unwind and to help to focus on their body and the baby.

The massage is good for the baby too. Research has shown that the stress levels experienced by the mother can affect the unborn baby. Massage has an indirect relaxing effect on the baby as the mother releases oxytocin and prolactin as a result of the skin stimulation. Generally the more relaxed the mother is in the pregnancy, the more relaxed the birth is likely to be.

Massage stimulates your body to release endorphins that act like a natural pain-killer and at the same time are mood-lifting. Endorphins are the substances responsible for that happy feeling one gets after good exercise, or after a good, happy laugh.

In labour a comforting soft massage can make you feel better while you're coping with contractions and it can calm you down when you are perhaps tired and frightened. Massage can ease the pain and lower down anxiety in the first stage of labour. It can help you to cope better with your contractions by making them feel less intense and more manageable. Shorter labours and a lower risk of postnatal depression have also been linked with massage.