It's is an amazing holistic experience! - March 2015

"Carola is a warm, intuitive, yet professional therapist and brings together her expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, massage expertise and a natural healing energy, into all of her treatments.
I have had wonderfully healing Swedish massages for acute muscular aches from Carola over the years, but the best healing experience for me by far has been the Lomi Lomi massage for which she has undergone years of specialised training. Lomi lomi is not simply a massage treatment, but more of a holistic healing experience, that encourages the body and mind to let go of any tension and stress. I leave feeling infused with a calming energy, rejuvenated and balanced both physically and emotionally. It's is an amazing holistic experience! "
Dr M A

Julie W - December 2014

Upon entering the studio, Carola's warmth and sense of calm invites 'you time'.  Her consultation before a treatment is thorough and completely focused on your needs, advising and suggesting treatment options. 

I have received deep tissue and lomi massages.  Due to life's demands I sometimes delay treatment of my tight shoulders, headaches and tender lower back, but after a session I leave feeling totally balanced, restored and refreshed. 

I have complete trust in Carola and her work.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience along with an awareness and natural instinct and truly cares for your well being.

Julie W

Mike - 2nd November 2014

I was recently in Cambridge and had a day or so to spare.  I fancied a massage and had a good look through the numerous options.  There were plenty to choose from.  I particularly like the sound of Carola's Lomi Lomi massage.  I had had one Lomi Lomi massage before and that had been wonderful.  So Carola had a lot to live up to!  .. and did she live up to it!  I can highly recommend her work, which is not just functional, but deeply spiritual. 

I left the massage deeply relaxed, and over the course of the next day or so some old troublesome injuries, and in particular an old neck injury, just unlocked and I have since had some of the best night's sleep for years.  This was Lomi Lomi on different level to that which I had experienced.  Functional but deeply spiritual.  Fantastic!!

Give it a try, I am sure you won't be disappointed.